Feral Lab Network, a network of temporary dislocated hubs for research in art, technology and communities, consist of six partners from six EU countries, who joined in their common interest in art-science research and contemporary do-it-yourself (DIY) & do-it-with-others (DIWO) communities. Instead on presentational modes like exhibitions and festivals, the Feral Lab Network is focused on connecting and organising a series of camps and similar kinds of temporary creative environments, all with a strong emphasis on process-based activities like peer learning, field work, research and co-creation. What these activities have in common is their deliberate setting in a remote environment, away from the usual urban set-up of contemporary creative hubs.

In the span of two years project partners will create a variety of temporary creative hubs that will vary in scope, format and topics covered, but will all have a joint methodological starting point: temporary, international, remote, open and transdisciplinary (art-technology-science). The actions within the project will be additionally extended and connected through strong transnational outreach, media strategy and the accompanying developmental, as well as community oriented Artist-In-Residence programmes.

The Feral Lab Network is initiated and coordinated by Projekt Atol Institute (SI) in partnership with Digital Art International (FR), Helsingør Kommune (DK), SCHMIEDE HALLEIN – Verein zur Förderung der digitalen Kultur (AT), Finnish Society of Bioart (FI) and Udruga za razvoj uradi sam kulture Radiona (HR).

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